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Welcome to the elite.

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If you want to increase your clients and get more cases, you should know about the revolutionary way to market your legal services - LegalTube.com.

This premier video-centric website has positioned itself to dominate legal-related Iternet searches, and you do not want to miss this opportunity!  Attorneys from all around the country are signing up!

LegalTube only has 3 exclusive attorney listings available per practice area, per market.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Absolutely no additional listings will be added.

Your potential clients are tuning into LegalTube.

  • Everyone is watching videos on the Internet—nearly 150 million consumers - and the amount of time spent watching online video more than doubles every year. [2]
  •  73% of people looking for an attorney want to get a “feel for their personality” before contacting them. [1]
  • The average person will visit 6.8 attorney websites before deciding which attorney to contact. If there is video, they’ll only visit 2.3 websites. [1] 

[1] Source: FindLaw.com
[2] Source: Nielson Ratings

LegalTube isn’t just an online directory; it’s an entire destination website, with a blend of both information and entertainment.

At LegalTube, you turn the spotlight on yourself and your practice.

So why will a video on LegalTube attract more clients than your ad in the Yellow Pages? People tuning into LegalTube want to see and hear from prospective attorneys - just as if they were visiting your office.  Choosing the right attorney is important and highly personal, and your video will give you the opportunity to provide a personal, professional presentation of your legal expertise.

Here are some ways that you can shine at LegalTube:

  • Profile videos. This is your chance to make a fantastic first impression. You can talk about your area of expertise, your direct experience, your position in the marketplace, your education, and any other information that could make you someone’s perfect match.  You can even post videos of interesting case stories, your family profile, even about your hobbies!
  • Expert Answer videos. Feature your expertise by posting video answers to common legal questions.  Our Expert Q&A section provides another area for you to showcase your knowledge and experience.
  • Entertaining videos. In addition to LegalTube’s original webisode reality series – Law After Dark – you can provide entertainment by posting videos to our Law Laughs or Law Tales sections. Catch our viewers’ attention, so when they are looking for an attorney, they remember your face!

Sign up for LegalTube today, and clients will tune into you!

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