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Neuropathy May Be a Denture Cream Side Effect

Too Much Zinc Causes Nerve Damage But It Wasn't Listed As A Denture Cream Side Effect

Although denture creams have been on the market for 30 years, many users have become concerned about possible neurological issues from the products. The reason for alarm is the metallic element known as zinc, which is a primary adhesive ingredient in Fixodent, PoliGrip, and many other brands. Recent news reports surrounding lawsuits indicate that relatively high levels of the mineral can lead to copper deficiency, neuropathy, and other debilitating neurological problems, all of which are clear indications of a possible overdose in otherwise healthy individuals that cannot be explained any other way.

Fixodent, a product from Proctor and Gamble, made headlines recently because of court rulings and lawsuits regarding a particularly troubling denture cream side effect related to the product. Some buyers have been exhibiting telltale signs of troubling disorders, such as neuropathy. Although the company says it is taking steps to place advisories on the product packaging and website, victims of zinc poisoning, which has disturbing neurological symptoms, insist that the company is not doing enough.

A popular competitor, PoliGrip, made by GlaxoSmithKline, has also been linked to healthcare problems. The most prominent issue reported is also neuropathy. Some scientific studies have shown that the two products are linked by high levels of zinc, a common ingredient that helps hold dentures in place. The Food and Drug Administration is currently analyzing the data and procedure surrounding the scientific studies, in order to determine if the drug companies are at fault for promoting harmful products.

The lawsuits being brought against these two corporate giants center around neuropathy, prominent in people that have used the oral pastes for extended periods of time. Many people have mouth prosthetics that do not fit in their mouth correctly, but cannot afford to purchase an entire set of new dentures. In some cases, victims have been going through two tubes of paste per week. The Consumer Healthcare Products Association says that this same amount should last anywhere between 3 and 10 weeks.

If you use Fixodent, PoliGrip, or another popular prosthetic paste, and think that it might be having a negative impact on your health, your doctor can perform a simple blood test that will quickly reveal if you have a high level of the mineral in your system.

If you notice any of the following warning signs, you should visit your doctor immediately:

• Numbness in extremities, especially legs

• Tingling in extremities, especially legs

• Loss of balance

• Loss of feeling or sensation

• Unexplained pain anywhere in the body

• Decreased or shrunken walking stride

• Increased falling or stumbling

• Loss of strength in legs or feet

Not all users will develop any of these problems. Indeed, some people can use the bonding agents their entire lives and never have a problem. But many will develop at least a mild form of one or more symptoms, which can lead to various injuries. The important thing is to get diagnosed early. Complications from zinc poisoning can be reversed, if they are found early enough, but it is possible that even a slight overdose can lead to lifelong pain, and even wheelchair confinement.

Hipocuremia, a dangerous reduction in copper levels in the blood, eventually leads to permanent nerve damage in some people. One treatment involves slowly introducing copper back into the bloodstream. Some victims will regain their entire quality of life, but with others, whatever the treatment, the condition may never go away. Concerned individuals should search the Internet and watch the news to see if the cream they use appears in a dangerous products alert. Because of the prevalence of zinc, many kinds popular and generic brands do. If you can confirm that you have been exposed to a dangerous oral care item, be sure to contact a lawyer immediately to learn about and protect your rights in the matter.


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