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Hydroxycut Ephedra Diet Pills Are Off the Market But Consequences Linger

Symptoms Of Diet Pill May Not Appear For Some Years After Last Dose

Following the FDA’s ban, Hydroxycut ephedra diet pills have been off the market since 2004. While they were available, many athletes and bodybuilding experts used these supplements to help in their performance and as part of a weight loss program. While derivatives of ephedrine have been used for centuries many of the more extreme risks associated with its use did not become apparent until the late 90s, when a call for a general ban was made.

These contained the same main ingredient as similar drugs in the marketplace, a derivative of the herb known in its native China as ma huang. Traditionally used in the treatment of the common cold and breathing ailments and asthma, the herb became front page news when it was connected to several high-profile deaths in the sports community, including Korey Stringer and Steve Bechler.

The most disturbing side effects included nervousness, irritability, dizziness, severe skin reactions, trembling, headache, insomnia, dehydration, hyperthermia, heart attack, stroke, seizures, and death. Because there was no regulation at the time for potency and dosage, many products varied widely regarding actual content. Some studies have shown that the amount advertised and the quantities of ephedra in the actual product were oftentimes inconsistent.

After the 2004 ruling, many companies with similar merchandise released reformulations, including Iovate Health Sciences, the original manufacturer. These new fat burners added caffeine to their formulas, as well as a long list of herbal ingredients claiming to revolutionize the traditional weight loss program. While Iovate’s ad campaign for their reformulation was wildly successful, especially among those in the bodybuilding industry, it was not long before new complaints arose.

The newly formulated Hydroxycut supplements contained hydroxycitric acid among many other components. Instead of mainly heart-related issues as reported with the original version, this time reports of liver damage began to surface. One man died as a result of taking the supplement, and dozens other experienced cardiovascular problems, breathing problems, insomnia, seizures, and occasionally rhabdomyolysis. These life-threatening side effects led to a warning by the FDA in May of 2009, causing Iovate to issue a recall, advising all consumers currently using the product to cease immediately at the risk of unforeseen health complications.

If you have used any of these products and feel your health has been compromised, it’s important to seek legal and medical help. Once you have established your symptoms, you should find the right legal firm to help you through as you seek compensation for damages. The best way to find a match is to compare law firms with experience in product liability and injury. A resource like LegalTube is an excellent way to begin such a search. Once you connect with experts in the field, they will be able to determine how your case stacks up to current, past, and pending lawsuits, to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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