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Lawsuits Persist in Spite of Favorable Hydroxycut Reviews

FDA Issues Warning Regarding Serious Side Effects

Hydroxycut reviews have been prominent since the product was launched, often noting both individual and group studies indicating that the energy supplement can indeed help people lose weight fast, drop pounds, and gain energy. Combined with an extensive marketing plan that seems to be everywhere--from television to magazine spreads--the appearance of the herbal enhancer has led to astonishing popularity and endorsements, encouraging many to buy Hydroxycut. But is the picture painted by all of this information accurate?

Originally, the weight loss product was marketed as a way to help men and women stop being hungry and free them from their dependence on food. The capsule contains a variety herbal extracts claiming to work as fat burners and promising quick results. The manufacturers, Iovate Health Sciences, released multiple versions to the public, including regular rapid release caplets, caffeine-free rapid release caplets, hardcore liquid capsules, drinks, liquid shots, carb control, and max aqua shed.

However, in May 2009, the FDA issued an advisory regarding the ingredients and extract components in the formula, leading some experts to question its overall safety. The FDA found a variety of distressing symptoms associated with the use of the supplement. Iovate immediately pulled their goods from the shelves in response to the warning. Because the variety of components in each of the formulas vary so significantly, a total of 14 products were removed from stores nationwide.

The most common side effects cited include:

 • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
 • Profuse sweating
 • Loss of appetite
 • Marked restlessness
 • Headaches
 • Lightheadedness
 • Dizziness

Others have indicated instances of severe insomnia. However, these milder symptoms, while significantly unhelpful, are far less serious than the more dire effects reported by some, such as:

 • Liver damage
 • Cardiovascular problems
 • Seizures
 • Rhabdomyolysis

Most consumers looked to the Hydroxycut reviews and weighed the benefits and risks, finding that many of the online responses by actual users were indeed complimentary. Some even cited college-age consumers seeking to boost energy and curb their food cravings to fight the “Freshman Fifteen.” But not all reviews were positive.

In fact, the same symptoms reported by the FDA are corroborated in the Hydroxycut reviews online, lending further credence to the issue.

The energy product has been on the market for seven years, and therefore has a long history. Some individuals who have used it in the past may be unsure how to begin if they believe that it may have contributed to their current health problems. To better understand what is involved in the process, it is recommended that these individuals seek professional help from a law firm well-versed in liability lawsuits to determine the best course of action.

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