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About Us

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We can be your legal matchmakers.

LegalTube is the only legal directory where finding a lawyer  or the answers to your law-related questions is as easy as channel surfing. It’s a way to connect attorneys and potential clients by offering “face time” in the comfort of your living room. We take the headache out of finding a lawyer —no more endless appointments, no more consultation fees, no more time wasted pouring through the Yellow Pages, and most importantly, no more taking the risk of picking a lawyer at random. Needing legal advice is stressful enough already—it’s no time for a blind date! 

On LegalTube, not only can you search by location and area of practice to find the perfect attorney  for your needs, but you can get answers to common questions and find out more about important legal topics. And it’s as easy as watching TV! You don’t have to read anymore dry legalese; instead, watch and listen as a knowledgeable attorney explains it to you. When you’re searching for an attorney, don’t wait until you go to their office to decide if it’s a match; watch the video instead!

LegalTube is the easiest, friendliest resource on the web for finding the lawyer of your dreams . And while you’re here, be sure to check out our “arresting entertainment” channels. The law doesn’t have to be a headache; sometimes it can even be fun!

Tune into LegalTube to... 

  • search by practice area and location to get a list of all of the attorneys that might meet your needs
  • get face time with potential matches by watching videos until you find the perfect lawyer
  • get answers to common legal questions, answered by the legal experts themselves
  • find out about vital legal news, like drug recalls and class-action lawsuits
  • take a break from your day with some legal humor or our entertaining original webisode series

Ready to find your perfect match?  Sign up and start channel surfing!

Find a Lawyer :  A comprehensive search engine for the attorney videos on LegalTube. Search by whatever practice area you might need - like divorce, personal injury, or criminal defense - and by state or city.

You'll find in-depth guides to every practice or attorney on LegalTube. Watch their videos to get face time, and find out exactly what kind of law they practice, about the attorneys who work there, fees, and of course, contact information.

Shortlist : A list of favorite attorneys and videos that you create. After you’ve signed up for a LegalTube account, your shortlist is the perfect way for you to organize your search.

Expert Q&A : A guide to legal information and the easiest way to find answers to the most frequently asked questions in law – from the mouths of the experts. Search by area of law and then narrow in on your specific question to find video answers.

Law Laughs : Original videos featuring lawyer jokes from the lawyers themselves. Browse these videos for a quick laugh or to get an even better sense of a lawyer’s personality.

Law Tales : Original videos featuring lawyers telling strange but true stories about the real cases they’ve encountered in their legal careers.

Law After Dark : An original webisode reality series, exclusively from LegalTube. This series follows night court judges in small towns, where you never know what you might encounter when the sun goes down.

Hot Topics : Information about the legal issues you need to know about, like drug recalls and class action lawsuits. Find out more about these topics by watching the related videos, and if you want more information, fill out a form to have a lawyer contact you.

LegalTube Blog : A frequently updated legal blog covering a range of timely topics in the law. Add this to your RSS feed to stay up-to-date on law in the news, and comment to voice your opinion.

Off the Record: A forum for LegalTube users to discuss politics and the law. Sign up for a LegalTube account to make your voice heard.

Legal Links : A list of more legal resources around the web.


About Us