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Contrast Dye Responsible For Serious Side Effects

Gadolinium is a naturally occurring metal found in abundant quantities throughout nature. Although considered rare, it can be found in streams, oceans, dirt, and the Earth’s crust.  For industrial purposes, mineral mining companies extract the metal for commercial use by separating it from monazite and bastnasite. The metal is used to create a wide variety of products in the modern market place, such as:

• Magnets
• Refractories
• Color television sets
• CDs
• Contrast agents

Unfortunately, it is the existence of the gadolinium contrast  agent in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), angiography (MRA), and other radiographic work that could be causing major health problems in otherwise healthy individuals. While contrast agents are not necessary in magnetic resonance imaging, they do provide doctors with a better picture of internal processes. The metal spreads throughout the body, and is absorbed into different areas on a cellular level. This provides medical experts with an easily read picture that has a higher contrast, compared to a picture from the device done without any contrast agent.

The use of gadolinium as a contrast agent, however, has led to the establishment of MRI lawsuits. The problem seems to be that the rare earth element, while very helpful in diagnosing problems and diseases within the body, also causes a very serious, even life-threatening ailment that has affected several patients already. Known as Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF), the disease has the following systems:

• Hardened skin
• Dark patches on the skin
• Unexplained lesions (cuts) on the skin
• Fibrous nodes and plaques over the skin
• Fibrosis of the diaphragm
• Fibrosis of lungs
• Fibrosis of thigh muscles or abdomen

Over time, these symptoms of the disease continually worsen. Hardened skin and muscles mean that movement can become limited. In at least one case, a woman that contracted the deadly disease was eventually confined to a wheelchair, as she was completely unable to walk. Fibrosis of the lungs and diaphragm can eventually lead to death. As fibers build up in the lungs, they diminish the victim’s capacity to breathe. Even with healthy lungs, breathing becomes impossible, if the diaphragm become hard and immobile from fibers.

There is no known cure for this disease at this time. Victims of the painful malady fell ill after receiving at least one injection of MRI contrast dye. However, most people did not succumb to the fibrosis unless they were already ill with kidney disorders that inhibited normal function, and the body’s ability to eventually protect itself from harmful substances.

Because there is no cure, anyone experiencing gadolinium side effects  must undergo constant dialysis, to remove the buildup of toxic substances from the blood. Patients that have elected to stop this process, or who are unusually susceptible to the disease, quickly develop MRI contrast side effects  in many other parts of the lungs, kidneys, and muscles. It is important to note, however, that the disease never causes death. It does, however, cause falls and suffocation, which may kill the victim.

If you have any kidney problems, recently had any radiography work done, know that you have had a gadolinium MRI , and feel that you are experiencing any of the MRI side effects  described above, please contact your general practice physician or other health care professional immediately. Failure to secure a timely diagnosis may lead to pain, decreased abilities, or even death.

To help you identify potentially harmful agents, here is a brief list of frequently used chemicals based on gadolinium:

• MultiHance (Bracco)
• ProHance (Bracco)
• Magnevist (Bayer Healthcare)
• OptiMARK (Mallinckrodt)
• Omniscan (GE Healthcare)

If a doctor examines you, and diagnoses you with NSF, please try to contact a gadolinium attorney . You may be eligible to start your own gadolinium lawsuit  against the maker of the drug that made you ill. You may also be eligible to join a pending case in the works.

The only way to guarantee your recompense is to immediately contact a gadolinium lawyer . Failure to get information now, and secure your place in the legal system may result in lost benefits. Make sure you have access to the awards to which you are legally entitled. If necessary, work with an effective legal team to file a Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis lawsuit .


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