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FDA Warning About Liver Damage After Death Reported

When Hydroxycut appeared on the market, it was proclaimed a miracle weight loss product--but could it have done more harm than good?

The reformulated “herbal” supplement replaced the original Hydroxycut ephedra diet pills, which were pulled from the market when the FDA banned the drug. The manufacturer, Iovate Health Sciences, released multiple versions of the new formula to the public, including Hydroxycut Hardcore, which was marketed to bodybuilders.

Despite the favorable Hydroxycut reviews, the product’s reincarnation may not have been much of an improvement with respect to potential health problems, and the FDA issued a health advisory in May of 2009. Liver damage was among the most troubling reports in the warning, including the supplement’s connection to the death of a 19-year-old man. Immediately following the warning, Iovate conducted a massive recall.

While the health complications varied from person to person in the report, symptoms included cardiovascular problems, seizures, insomnia, and rhabdomyolysis, a disease that causes the degeneration of skeletal muscle. Some men and women also cited dangerously low levels of liver enzymes and, as a result of rhabdomyolysis, kidney failure. While Hydroxycut supplements always listed possible side effects--increased sweating, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, and restlessness--the severe reactions in some consumers were far more dangerous, and were not listed as potential side effects. When deciding whether to buy Hydroxycut, many consumers were asking themselves, “Does Hydroxycut work?” but perhaps the more appropriate question would be, "Could it harm me?"

After the recall, Iovate and the FDA have sought to isolate a culprit among the many ingredients in Hydroxycut weight loss pills, but as of yet have been unsuccessful. The many formulas contained a wide variety of herbal extracts, purported fat burners and metabolism boosters (popular among bodybuilders as MuscleTech Hydroxycut), as well as nutrition supplements. One notable ingredient that has been considered closely by the FDA, however, is hydroxycitric acid.

Just months after the ban, Iovate released a new version called Hydroxycut Advanced, which was marketed similarly, but contains none of the ingredients in the banned version. Some consumers have already reported strange side effects, including depression, insomnia, and acute anxiety after using the product.

The product has also been at the center of a series of lawsuits filed by some of the many millions of consumers who had used it over the seven-year run. While only a small percentage of men and women experienced such severe results, the reactions for some were catastrophic, compromising their health for years to come. These individuals have sought compensation for the injuries they received, and with the help of seasoned lawyers and firms, have been able to bring the company to justice.

If you or someone you love has suffered Hydroxycut side effects, it is important that you seek help. First, in order to treat the problem at hand, you should visit your health care practitioner. Their diagnoses and treatment are central to any possible lawsuits.

You have many choices when looking for legal help, and it can seem overwhelming. Using a resource like LegalTube allows you to compare the many liability lawsuit firms available to help you as you seek compensation. Once you find a law firm, they can determine if your case relates to any pending, current, or past investigations. With their help, you may be able to receive compensation for your healthcare costs.

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