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Drug Recall Alert: Hydroxycut Weight Loss Pills

Pills Responsible For One Death

Despite publicity surrounding reports of remarkable Hydroxycut weight loss, the product may have done more harm than good. Following the FDA warning issued in May of 2009, a total of 14 products by Iovate Health Sciences were named as part of an extensive recall. Due to liver injury, cardiovascular issues, seizures, and possible kidney failure, the action was a safety issue, as the company did not wish to incur any further damage to its customer base. The complete list of goods includes:

 • Regular Rapid Release Caplets
 • Caffeine-Free Rapid Release Caplets
 • Hardcore Liquid Caplets
 • Max Liquid Caplets
 • Regular Drink Packets
 • Caffeine-Free Drink Packets
 • Hardcore Drink Packets (Ignition Stix)
 • Max Drink Packets
 • Liquid Shots
 • Hardcore RTDs (Ready-to-Drink)
 • Max Aqua Shed
 • 24
 • Carb Control
 • Natural

While some of the various caplets and supplements were marketed for different demographics, they all contained similar ingredients. Because of this cocktail of nutrition-rich and herbal extract components, there was no immediate way for the manufacturer to determine the culprit responsible for the liver damage and other adverse effects. There has been no indication that individuals using the products with the goal of burning fat as opposed to other intended results, such as decreased water retention, have experienced any fewer adverse effects.

Common side effects varied, as did severity in reported cases. Some of the symptoms were milder, including insomnia, high blood pressure, increased sweating, higher heart rate, and restlessness, many of which were listed on the bottle. However, in some people, life-threatening injury occurred, including liver failure, lowered enzymes, and liver impairment to the point of requiring a transplant.

These goods were on the market for seven years before the FDA announcement. In that time, they were widely considered effective, with many endorsements attesting to fast results. However, while millions of Americans purchased the various versions, many experienced serious side effects. While most of these adverse effects were not as severe as liver injury or failure, many reviewers of the product online ceased use due to general discomfort and safety concerns. Perhaps the question should not be “does Hydroxycut work?” but rather, “could it harm me?” In other words, is Hydroxycut weight loss worth the risk?

Iovate is no rookie to this experience, however, as their ephedra-based product was also recalled in the mid-2000s when the FDA cracked down on the drug. In light of the situation, many consumers have expressed concern that their health issues may be related to the herbal extract, and have sought legal help.

In most cases, if you believe your injury is related to any of these, it is essential to contact legal experts for advice. These experts in the field can help you navigate the terminology and requirements involved in a liability lawsuit, and may be able to help you get compensation.

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