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Hernia Mesh Patch Lawyers Fight for Compensation for Victims

FDA Recalls Hernia Patch As Defective Medical Device

A large number of hernia patients in recent years have gone into surgery to repair the condition, only to emerge with greater health problems. Why? Their hernias were repaired with defective mesh patches which broke and caused serious abdominal injuries. Many of these victims are now seeking the help of a hernia mesh patch lawyer to get compensation for those damages.

The Bard Composix Kugel Mesh Patch is a product of Davol, Inc. This device aids surgeons in the repair of abdominal hernias by allowing the hernia opening to be stitched without unduly stressing the surrounding tissues. The patch, consisting of two layers of synthetic mesh surrounded by a “memory recoil ring,” is design to be folded and inserted into the intra-abdominal space at the site of the hernia. Once in the proper position, the device recoils (or flattens) to seal the opening.

Information about defective patches began to surface in 2002, shortly after the company introduced large oval and extra-large oval versions. The flexible rings around the patches were breaking in some patients, causing major injuries including abdominal obstructions, abdominal perforations, and chronic enteric fistulas. In some cases, these injuries have led to fatal complications. The company recalled the two larger patches, and pressure from the FDA resulted in the subsequent recall of additional versions of the device.

Hernia mesh patch lawyers have collected information about the production and distribution of the Kugel patches, and believe that Davol, Inc. is liable for the injuries suffered by these patients. They argue that, according to the FDA, Davol didn’t adequately oversee the safety and quality of the patch medical devices during manufacturing and distribution, and that they didn’t handle reports of adverse reactions and defects appropriately. The company’s slow response allowed additional patches to be implanted and additional consumers to suffer major injuries, according to the hernia mesh patch lawyers.

These attorneys have filed over 2,000 lawsuits nationwide thus far. Many of these cases have been consolidated under one judge in the U.S. District Court (District of Rhode Island—Chief Judge Mary M. Lisi). The first case is set for trial in March 2010. The injuries and damages vary widely among the plaintiffs, but a large number of the hernia mesh patch lawyers are arguing that their clients are owed compensation for medical costs, undue pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

Consumers affected by these defective patches still have time to begin the legal process and protect their legal rights. As more consumers get the information they need to understand Davol’s role in their unfortunate medical situation, new cases are being filed.

What can you do if you’ve suffered injury or illness as a result of receiving a defective Composix Kugel patch? First seek appropriate medical attention, as many of the conditions resulting from the broken rings are life-threatening. Then talk to a qualified hernia mesh patch lawyer. These seasoned professionals can evaluate your claims, and help you understand the legal process. With their help, you can protect your rights and get the compensation you need.

Legal Tube can be a valuable resource as you seek additional information and appropriate counsel. Search our attorneys to find the one who’s right for you.

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