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Yasmin Attorneys Can File Your Claim for Injuries Related to the YAZ Contraceptive

Yasmin Attorneys Can File Your Claim for Injuries Related to the YAZ Contraceptive

Yasmin attorneys stand ready to represent your interests against the pharmaceutical giant Bayer. If you have suffered potentially life-threatening conditions from YAZ or its older, higher-dose counterpart, litigation can protect your rights.


Bayer currently faces a number of different accusations from those who claim that they have marketed unsafe drugs. Yasmin attorneys allege that Bayer has failed to:


  • Warn about potential risk factors

  • Properly test and research the products before releasing them to the public

  • Remove the drugs from the market once the adverse effects appeared


Yasmin attorneys have also filed claims relating to false advertising. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prompted the drug maker to correct a $20 million advertising campaign. That correction may have come too late for those who were convinced to use the product after seeing ads that promised benefits such as clearer skin and less severe premenstrual syndrome. These formulations still have become the highest-selling contraceptives worldwide, and took in over $1.5 billion in the first quarter they were released.


The problems probably stem from drospirenone, a synthetic variety of the hormone progestin. Unique to the name brands as well as the generic Ocella, the hormone is not included in any other contraceptive currently approved in the United States. Yasmin contains 3 mg drospirenone and 30 mcg ethinylestradiol per tablet. YAZ contains 3 mg drospirenone and 20 mcg ethinylestradiol per tablet and is given for 24/4 days with the same indications.


Yasmin lawyers  encourage women who have been diagnosed with certain serious health problems after taking either of these to seek legal advice. Over 50 fatalities related to the pills have been reported to the FDA, including victims as young as 17 years old.


At least one lawsuit was filed against the drugstore Walgreens, alleging that in selling the products, the store was implying that they were safe for use. The plaintiff in that case suffered a blood clot in her lung, as well as an infection surrounding that clot, after purchasing the contraceptives there.


A number of other cases have proceeded in the past few years, and these may be consolidated in order to coordinate pretrial proceedings. Consolidation will help avoid inconsistent pretrial rulings and repetitious discovery. It will also reduce the burden on the plaintiffs who already suffered a great deal.


Healthcare professionals advise women with any of the following conditions to avoid these potentially unsafe drugs:


• Abnormal vaginal bleeding


• History of stroke or blood clot


• Circulation problems


• Heart valve problems


• Breast or uterine cancer


• Pregnancy


• Kidney or liver disease


• Adrenal gland disorder


• Severe high blood pressure


• Migraine headaches


• Jaundice history


You should contact a healthcare professional immediately upon noticing any of the following signs:


• Sudden numbness or weakness


• Chest pain


• Change in severity of migraine headaches


• Stomach pain


• Jaundice


• Breast lump


• Depression


If you have been harmed and are seeking advice from an experienced lawyer, a directory like LegalTube may be able to help you narrow down your search.


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