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Zicam Recall

Zicam Recall Linked To Loss Of Smell

On June 16th 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wrote a letter to Matrixx Initiatives outlining over 130 confirmed cases that positively linked three of their products to either temporary or permanent loss of the sense of smell. This terrible malady, known commonly as anosmia , was brought about as a direct result of using one of three products from the popular line of cold remedies from Zicam (sometimes misspelled as Zycam ). While many patients say that they had to use the Zicam nasal spray  products several times before losing their olfactory function, others report that they lost their sense of smell almost immediately after a single use. Here are the 3 products mentioned in the letter.

  • Cold Remedy Nasal Gel (15mL, NDC 62750-003-10)

  • Cold Remedy Swabs (20 swabs, NDC 67250-003-20)

  • Cold Remedy Swabs, Kids Size (20 swabs, NDC 67250-003-21)

Matrixx decided to initiate a complete voluntary Zicam recall  on their own, even though they maintained that their products were safe for public consumption. Indeed, they felt that their remedies were helpful to the public, claiming that they reduced the severity and length of symptoms associated with common viral infections, such as the common cold and flu.

According to some of the leading scientific research, problems result because zinc in the product interacts with the olfactory tissue in the nose. Once the chemical contacts with the sensitive area, chemical Zicam injury  damage occurs that does not allow sense receptors to work correctly.

Because they may experience a complete and permanent  loss of smell , victims want more than a recall, stating that the resulting loss of smell has not only diminished their quality of life, but puts them in potentially dangerous situations. Take, for instance, someone in a home or apartment that develops a natural gas leak. While most people would vacate immediately after becoming aware of the problem, without a sense of smell, noticing that danger may be impossible. Even if fumes in the house do not cause a fire or explosion, prolonged natural gas exposure can lead to other health problems, such as:

  • Nausea

  • Headaches

  • Chemical pneumonia

  • Suffocation

Since smell and taste are so closely linked, it is not surprising that many notice a loss of taste , along with the loss of smell. In some extreme cases, the loss of taste is also complete and permanent. Regardless of severity, people with anosmia take less joy in their food, even reporting severe depression as a result.

Extreme manifestation of negative symptoms from the products can affect victims for various lengths of time temporarily - but damage can also be permanent. The prominence of Zicam side effects  is inspiring some victims to bring personal and Zicam class action  lawsuits against the parent company, Matrixx Initiatives. If you experienced any of the following symptoms after using one of the above products for any length of time, do not hesitate to contact a Zicam attorney .

  • Loss of sense smell

  • Reduced sense of smell

  • Reduced sense of taste

  • Finding food less appealing

Additionally, if you feel that you are exhibiting any of the symptoms or ailments described above, and have recently taken any of the cold and flu remedies that were mentioned in the Zicam recall, contact your health care professional immediately.

Although Matrixx was successfully sued in Arizona, recent victims are continuing to come forward; many have initiated a class action or personal injury Zicam lawsuit . Right now, there are several cases waiting to be heard by state court systems. Here is a short list of some of the states in which lawsuits are waiting to be heard:

  • Illinois

  • California

  • Florida

  • Texas

  • Minnesota

  • Wisconsin

  • Missouri

If your doctor or physician positively diagnoses you with Zicam problems  like anosmia, contact a legal professional immediately. It does not matter if your condition is temporary or permanent. All that matters is that you get in touch with someone as soon as possible, so you can be sure to secure any recompense that you may be owed.


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