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Criminal Defense Attorney Videos

Have you been accused of committing a crime? LegalTube video can help you find the perfect criminal defense lawyer or attorney.

Criminal defense attorneys and lawyers defend clients in the various stages of the justice system, including keeping them informed of their rights after an arrest, or defending them in the courtroom during trial. They can also advise on issues such as DUI or domestic violence. These experienced lawyers will protect the legal rights of criminal defendants every step of the way.

Contact a LegalTube criminal defense attorney or lawyer today to find out more about:

  • Drug charges
  • DUI
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Probation

Other areas of Criminal Defense may include:

Abuse Lawyers and Attorneys
Animal Abuse Lawyers  and Attorneys
Child Abuse Lawyers and Attorneys
Domestic Violence Lawyers and Attorneys
Elder Abuse Lawyers and Attorneys
Aiding, Abetting, Accessory, Conspiracy Lawyers
Appeals Lawyers and Attorneys
Automotive Lawyers and Attorneys
Driving with a Suspended License Lawyers
Driving without a License Lawyers
DWI Lawyers
Felony Auto Accidents Lawyers
Open Container Lawyers
Parking Tickets & Towing Lawyers
Traffic – Moving Violations Lawyers
Capital Crimes/Capital Cases Lawyers
Computer Crimes Lawyers
Hacking Lawyers
Malicious Code Lawyers
Unauthorized Access Lawyers
Criminal Records Lawyers
Expungement or Expunction Lawyers
Drug Cultivation & Manufacturing Lawyers
Drug Possession Lawyers
Intent to Distribute Drugs Lawyers
Intent to Sell Drugs Lawyers
Medical Marijuana Lawyers
Environmental Violations Lawyers
False Identification Lawyers
Felonies Lawyers
Firearms & Weapons Lawyers
Constitutional Rights Defense Lawyers
Illegal Possession or Transportation Lawyers
Other Weapons & Devices Lawyers
Fraud & Financial Crimes Lawyers
Bank Fraud Lawyers
Checks & Credit Cards Lawyers
Corporate Espionage & Sabotage Lawyers
Embezzlement Lawyers
Extortion Lawyers
Forgery Lawyers
Identity Theft Lawyers
Insider Trading Lawyers
Insurance Claims Lawyers
Money Laundering Lawyers
Public Offerings Lawyers
Racketeering & RICO Lawyers
Securities Fraud Lawyers
Smuggling Lawyers
Tax Evasion & Fraud Lawyers
Trade Secrets Lawyers
Wire Transfer Lawyers
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender (LGBT) Rights Lawyers
Grand Jury Proceedings Lawyers
Juvenile Crimes Lawyers
Military Crimes (UCMJ) Lawyers
Misdemeanors Lawyers
Parole Lawyers
Perjury Lawyers
Plea Negotiation Lawyers
Probation Lawyers
Property Crimes Lawyers
Arson Lawyers
Burglary Lawyers
Embezzlement Lawyers
Larceny Lawyers
Shoplifting Lawyers
Theft Lawyers
Trespass Lawyers
Vandalism Lawyers
Search & Seizure Lawyers
Sex Crimes Lawyers
Abduction Lawyers
Child Abuse Lawyers
Child Pornography Lawyers
Indecent Exposure Lawyers
Prostitution, Solicitation, & Pandering Lawyers
Rape Lawyers
Sexual Assault Lawyers
Stalking Lawyers
Trafficking in Women Lawyers
Truancy Lawyers
Victims' Rights Lawyers
Violent Crimes Lawyers
Assault & Battery Lawyers
Domestic Violence Lawyers
Extortion Lawyers
Kidnapping Lawyers
Manslaughter Lawyers
Murder Lawyers
Robbery Lawyers


Informational Videos Related to Criminal Defense Law & Cases
Phil Price – DUI/Criminal Defense

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