Depuy Hip Recall Class Action Lawsuit

Depuy Case Description and Research

Depuy Hip Replacement

Why are the DePuy ASR hip implants failing?

The DePuy ASR implant is an all-metal implant. Complaints filed by HGD lawyers allege the DePuy ASR implant is defective and fails due to a design flaw for two principal reasons: First, the device slips or the shell does not sit in place in the hip and it resists bone growth. Second, the friction of the metal-on-metal )metal hip ball and metal hip socket) causes microscopic shavings and metal debris to be released into the surrounding tissue and blood. This can lead to a painful, inflammatory reaction in the tissue and high blood metal content. De...

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Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Depuy Expects War Veteran to Pay for Corrective Hip Implant Surgery

Returning from war without any physical injuries, Scott would end up suffering from ongoing pain.  A degenerative condition that nagged him for years he needed a hip replacement. “I have a 1 year old and a 5 year old and a 15 year old and you know not being able to be as active as them has been hard.” After the surgery three years ago, Scott says he knew something wasn't right it almost felt like it wasn't hinged or something. “I would have this sort of goofy walk.”  Last week he learned that his hip implant is now under recall.  “I wa...

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