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Intellectual Property Attorney Videos

Do you need advice concerning the ownership of an artistic or scientific creation? LegalTube can help you find the perfect intellectual property attorney.

Intellectual property lawyers represent individuals and businesses that need assistance with the protection or use of intellectual property, which includes concepts such as art and inventions. They handle copyright, trademark, and patent infringement cases. These experienced lawyers are available to advise artists, corporations, and anyone else who might have ownership in something intangible.

Contact a LegalTube intellectual property attorney today to find out more about:

  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Arts and entertainment

Other Intellectual Property Issues may include:

Film Lawyers
Internet Lawyers
Literary Arts Lawyers
Media Arts Lawyers
Publishing Lawyers
Television Lawyers
International Intellectual Property Lawyers
Patents Lawyers
Biotech & Medical Lawyers
Business Process Lawyers
Electronics & Computer Lawyers
Internet Patents Lawyers
Mechanical Lawyers
Patent Design Lawyers
Plants Lawyers
Technology & Engineering Lawyers
Technology Licensing Lawyers
Trade Dress Lawyers
Trade Secrets Lawyers


Informational Videos Related to Intellectual Property Law & Cases
Frank Caprio - Patent Attorney Frank Caprio - Patent Attorney Frank Caprio - Patent Attorney Frank Caprio - Patent Attorney

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