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Expert Legal Information Q & A

Get answers to your legal questions from the experts themselves.

It can sometimes be a daunting task to find legal information on the web. Even if you track down the answer you need, it might be written in dry, difficult-to-understand legalese. Here at LegalTube, you get this information straight from the mouths of the experts themselves.

Using the directory below, you can search for answers to the most frequently asked questions in law. No matter what area of law you are interested in, from bankruptcy to personal injury, you’ll find videos with expert legal information from our knowledgeable attorneys. Doing legal research can be as easy as watching TV!

Let us help you find the answers to your questions. Click on a practice area below to start channel surfing!

Intellectual Property Legal Information
Patent, trademark, copyright, arts & entertainment....
View Expert Intellectual Property Videos
Bankruptcy Legal Information
Ch. 7 & 13, foreclosure, credit card debt, wage garnishment....
View Expert Bankruptcy Videos
Maritime Law Legal Information
Injuries involving boats, cruise ships, oil platforms, and other kinds of ocean-going vessels...
View Expert Maritime Law Videos
Business Law Legal Information
Business formation, taxes, owner disputes, contracts, partnerships....
View Expert Business Law Videos
Personal Injury Legal Information
Auto, legal/medical malpractice, fraud, identity theft, Rx, toxic tort....
View Expert Personal Injury Videos
Criminal Defense Legal Information
Drug charges, DUI, juvenile crimes, domestic violence, probation....
View Expert Criminal Defense Videos
Divorce Legal Information
Mediation, custody, spousal/child support, alimony, palimony....
View Expert Divorce Videos
Real Estate Legal Information
Landlord, tenant, construction, buy, sell, mortgages, transaction, zoning....
View Expert Real Estate Videos
Employment & Labor Relations Legal Information
Contracts, harassment, OSHA, ADA, discrimination, ERISA, Remedies, income replacement....
View Expert Employment & Labor Relations Videos
Securities Litigation Legal Information
Securities class actions, Investment scams, Insider trading...
View Expert Securities Litigation Videos
Family Law Legal Information
Elder law, adoption, prenup, IEP, guardianship, name change....
View Expert Family Law Videos
Tax Legal Information
Tax regulations, Tax code, Litigation and liability, Incorporation strategy...
View Expert Tax Videos
Immigration Legal Information
Citizenship, visas, green cards, H1B, F1, deportation, employment....
View Expert Immigration Videos
Will, Trust & Estate Legal Information
Estate Planning, taxes, insurance, probate, special needs trust....
View Expert Will, Trust & Estate Videos